Our Mission

People for Progressive Governance is dedicated to the idea that politics can be about more than the next election cycle. We are committed to creating a sustainable, equitable, and just future for our country and our planet by investing in Democratic candidates and organizations with bold visions and ambitious plans.

Statue of Liberty

Protecting Our Democracy

A just society requires a government that is truly responsive to the people. We are committed to fighting back against efforts to undermine our democracy at every level.


Protecting Our Planet

We need to ensure that our world is in a fit state to hand down to our children and grandchildren. We strive to create a world free of the threats of climate change, global pandemics, and any other global threats.

Sustainable Energy
School Bus & Children

Protecting Our Society

A truly equitable society is one where even the most vulnerable among us are cared for, and those in positions of political and economic power take the interests of society at large into account in their decision making. We are committed to supporting candidates and organizations that fight for equitable policies.


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